There is something very special about surfing during the summer in Europe.  All the culture, the languages, and the history all in one melting pot close together so you can drive or fly for a few hours and be in a different country.  Sometimes the grass isn't greener elsewhere, as we have perfect learn to surf beaches all around our Atlantic coastline, so the questions simply is: ‘where to visit first?'
  • 1- Cotes des Basques, Biarritz

If you want a potent combination of sun, surf culture mixed with glamour, then Cotes des Basques beach in Biarritz is perfect.  The city of Biarritz in the south west corner of France's Basque region, is renowned for its glamourous architecture and clientele, but also for its perfect mellow surf ideal for learning to surf. The Roxy Jam longboarding competition is held there every year... look out for it at the end of September this year.
  • 2- Rossnowlagh, Bundoran

If you want a taste of a Irish culture with some great beach break waves, head to the surf town of Bundoran on the North West coast of Ireland.  Rossnowlagh further north of the town, is one of the best beach breaks in Ireland, and is perfect for complete beginner surfers, or those looking to improve.  Take a long weekend or week's break and make the most of the culture and the waves.
  • 3- Foz do Lizandro, Ericeira

If you're looking for the Portuguese summer surf scene then visit the beautiful fishing town of Ericeira.  The town is one of only three World Surf Reserves in existence due its stunning surf-filled coastline.  For the relaxed mellow surf sessions head to Foz do Lizandro beach for the day, and then by night enjoy the town's delicious seafood restaurants and relaxed bars. 
  • 4- Zarautz Beach, Zarautz

If you're thinking of surfing Spain, then one of biggest draws to the Basque town of Zarautz is the longest beach break in the country... 2.5k of surf beach at the town itself will keep even the most enthusiastic surfers content during their surf trip.  For when you're not surfing, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the Basque town's easy holiday vibe, make a point of trying out the many different quintessential Basque dishes.  Think Tapas with a twist. 
  • 5- La Zurriola, San Sebastien

The spectacular Basque city of San Sebastien lies on the North East coast of Spain and is a mecca for those in search of the best surf shops, masses of cultures, and some beautiful beach breaks. The city has two main beaches, the best of which for surfing is the beach break La Zurriola.  Paddle out and take in the stunning view of the city surrounded by the overlooking mountains.

This article was added by Francesca Bingley