Winter sun surf breaks are one of the best gifts you can wish for when it comes to Christmas presents. If you're looking for somewhere that's hot even in the middle of winter with consistently good surf, then Corralejo on the north of the island of Fuerteventura is an ideal surf spot. The town is within easy distance of multiple surf beaches, so regardless of where the swell is coming from you'll be able to find waves.
So to get you to your winter surf holiday, here's a few pointers and tips to keep you on budget and reaching your destination:
  • 1- Flights
Flights to the Canary Islands and specifically to the island of Fuerteventura can alter throughout the year depending on the demand. However, find the latest routes through website. The flight itself takes approximately 4-5 hours from northern Europe, and wont involve really any jetlag as Fuerteventura is on Western Europe Time.
  • 2- From Fuerteventura Aiport
Once you've arrived at Fuerteventura Airport there are a number of ways to reach your accommodation in the town of Corralejo in the north. 
Hire car- one of the easiest and more convenient methods of reaching Corralejo and also for exploring the beautiful island, is to hire a car from the airport. Look online beforehand for the best deals, and check out our the discount deal with  
Driving around the island is easy, just think roundabouts aplenty, and hardly any traffic lights. Plus Corralejo is only 40 minutes drive from the airport, and there is plenty of sign-postings.
Shuttle bus- If you don't fancy driving or hiring a car then book a shuttle bus or taxi transfer through our affiliate A2B from the airport to your accommodation. The A2B transfers are ideal as public transport doesn't run directly from the airport, instead if you are wanting to take a bus, then you'd need to take a taxi into Puerto del Rosario. So overall it is far more worth while chipping in and sharing a transfer.
This article was added by Francesca Bingley