If you're thinking of surfing in Spain and looking for make your summer last that little bit longer with escaping  for an autumn surf holiday, then Northern Spain has some great beginner surf beaches. So make the most of the fun beach breaks during the day, and then by night enjoy the tapas, the cerveza, and the fiesta feel to the surf towns and cities of our list:
  • 1- La Zurriola, San Sebastian

You can't beat the beautiful Basque city of San Sebastian and the fun waves of La Zurriola beach found on its doorstep. The beach is one of the most consistent in Spain, and has the stunning backdrop of the Basque city which will keep you entertained for weeks with its rich cultural heritage, wide array of surf shops, and delicious tapas bars. Perfect European surf spot.
  • 2- Zarautz Beach, Zarautz

For 2.5k of surfing beach, you need to head to the Basque town of Zarautz on the north coast of Spain.  The long stretch of sandy beach holds lots of peaking waves ideal for beginner surfers. When you're not surfing, enjoy the promenade that runs along the beach, and sit back with a drink and watch the world go by.
  • 3- Ris, Noja

For the easy life, stay in the ruggedly beautiful town of Noja in the Cantabria region of Spain.  It has a perfect learn to surf beach of Ris just 15 minutes walk from the town centre, where you can relax on its white sands, or explore the great variety of restaurants, bars and cafes.  Just make sure you try the mouthwatering bar snacks known as ‘Pintxos'.
  • 4- Razo, Galicia

For uncrowded relaxed waves, then visit the laid back beach break of Razo in Galicia.  The quiet beach has consistent lefts and rights peeling from its central point.  So make the most of the fun waves before heading to one of its beach cafes for a well earned meal/snack before going for another surf. 
This article was added by Francesca Bingley